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If you’re buying or selling a home, a home inspection is a great investment. At Home To Home Inspections, we take pride in providing the best home inspection available. Our combination of experience and training are second to none, and we make a point of staying current with trends in our profession and home construction.


Home and Building Pre-purchase

If you are buying a home, an inspection will help you make an informed decision over the price of the home. It will reduce the risk of costly surprises in the future. It will help you prioritize any improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.

Home and Building Pre-listing

If you selling your home, consider getting it inspected before the home goes on the market. This kind of inspection can make the selling process faster and smoother.


  • Buyers will better understand the condition of the home they’re considering buying. With all the information available at the beginning of the process, the transaction can move more smoothly and there’s less likely to be an 11th-hour renegotiation.
  • You can decide whether to make any improvements to the home to help it sell more quickly and for more money. Similarly, you can choose to reflect the condition of the home in the asking price. Either way, the home is likely to be more appealing to more buyers, and to sell more easily.
  • You get to choose the inspector, reducing the chances of having a qualified buyer scared off by an alarmist inspector.

New Home Warranty

30 Day Home Inspection (Tarion)

This is the first opportunity you have to notify Tarion of any issues you discover with your new home once you move in. If you did not engage in the services of a professional home inspector during your pre-delivery process, now is an excellent opportunity to gain an accurate list of any deficiencies that your new home may have.

In most instances, the average new home owners, do not have the construction expertise required to effectively pinpoint and recognise many of the typical construction issues that we find in new homes today. Unless you are really willing to live with your home “as is” now is the time to engage in some serious professional help.

1 year Home Inspection (Tarion)

Having an inspection completed within 30 days prior to the first anniversary of your new home purchase is strongly recommended by The Tarion Warranty Program. Many builders also request that you provide them with a list of deficiencies prior to the one-year anniversary.

Your builder will generally not accept a home inspection report produced by any home inspector. Why?, quite simply because the inspector is not their client – the homeowner is! Tarion Warranty have their own forms that home owners must complete.

Home Maintenance

If you are a property owner and never had your home inspected, our maintenance home inspection would be right for you. It discovers issues as they develop and prepares you for future expenses. This inspection is similar to a standard property inspection with the emphasis being on maintaining a sound property with less “headaches” and upgrade tips to improve your home from minimum or low-quality residential construction practices.

For example, we can estimate the life expectancy of your roof, heating & cooling system, etc. We will also recommend unbiased repairs/upgrades to increase the comfort/enjoyment of your home while reducing your heating/cooling costs, give you maintenance tips, and answer questions to provide you with a better understanding of your home.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.)

Your insurance company may require an inspection of wood-burning appliance or fireplace before issuing insurance. Safety is paramount, and wood-burning appliances are manufactured to work safely and efficiently when they are installed, used and maintained properly.

The wood-burning industry, insurance companies, municipal building inspectors, fire officials and government agencies recognize WETT training and certification. Anthony Foti is a recognized level one WETT-certified professional.

Thermal Imaging and Consulting 

If you have an older home this thermal imaging is highly recommended. It makes locating problems within the home much easier and allows you to see the shape and size of the problem. It can show whether walls are insulated or not, reveal leaky pipes even when small, and overheating electrical components. Attending to these issues when they are small can save you money and potential serious problems in the future.

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Anthony Foti, RHI

Anthony Foti

Anthony Foti has been running a successful home inspection business for eight years and has performed thousands of inspections for both buyers and sellers. Read More